Bank Hall Street, Glasgow

The A. Proctor Group of Blairgowrie was approached by John Gilbert Architects in Glasgow for a unique solution to a problem of designing an insulated gutter.

The building, in Bank Hall Street, Glasgow had an existing flat roof, and the challenge was to provide an insulated gutter which would not only achieve the same u-value as the main roof, but would also incorporate a taper to allow for drainage. As this was an existing roof, there was no easy option of increasing the roof height.

The A. Proctor Group came up with a bespoke solution which utilised two of their thermal insulation products. Prodeck is a tapered, thermal insulation board which is specifically designed to provide the thermal performance on a warm flat roof along with a suitable fall to aid drainage.

Spacetherm is a composite of fibrous matting and aerogels, the newest and most thermally efficient of all insulants. The A. Proctor Group manufacture several insulation products which use this high specification material, and with a thermal conductivity of only 0.013W/mk, it is now possible to provide insulation which is both extremely thin as well as having the lowest thermal conductivity around.

After discussions with the architects about requirements, the A. Proctor Group manufactured a board which comprised of a tapered Prodeck board, bonded to the top of 20mm Spacetherm blanket. This solution allowed for the required fall of 80mm to 40mm over the width of the roof, whilst the addition of the Spacetherm meant that average u-value of the existing roof – 0.35W/m2K – was maintained.

The A. Proctor Group has a wealth of experience in the construction industry and excels at providing unique solutions which meet and satisfy customer requirements.

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