Swirling Cloud Pavilion, SUP Atelier

Pavilion of Clouds designed by SUP Atelier resembles a swirling cloud and is inspired by a verse in a famous Chinese poem, “A gale has risen and is sweeping the clouds across the sky.” 

The project illustrates the flexibility of bamboo as a building material and showcases the artistic scope of fabricating buildings via digital design technologies. The structure was completed in late 2018 for the Bamboo Garden Festival and was commissioned by the faculty of BJFU. The cloud covers an area of 120 square metres and during the festival, served as a hub for information. 

Bamboo has a long history in Chinese construction, and is one the most flexible materials, with excellent resistance and tensile strength. The material is a rapidly growing renewable source, and digital fabrication allows designers to create complex algorithms where bamboo can be fabricated into detailed 'woven' forms. 

The design for Pavilion of Clouds was constructed using modern bamboo processing technology whereby the bamboo structures are fabricated in the factory before being transferred to the site. The digital design process allowed SUP Atelier to craft the structure's elaborate curved rooftop. The rooftop features a crossing grid bamboo complex which allows daylight to enter the structure and rain-proofs the space. 

To view more visit the architects' website

All image credits: SUP Atelier  

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