The Arie Schoon Bakery, a large bakery in the The Netherlands, uses around 60,000 kilos of flour each week making bread which is part baked and then frozen before being distributed to supermarkets and its own 25 retail outlets.

Situated in a very hard water area, the bakery found that its four steam ovens, water-fed equipment, boiler, heat exchangers and water pipes continually scaled-up requiring regular plant shutdown to acid descale.

The bakery had ruled out the possible use of water softening equipment, as the sodium entering the water supply from the softeners would have been absorbed into the dough.

In February 1994 the Electronic Descaling System was installed on to the main water inlet pipe feeding the whole bakery.

Within weeks it was noted that scale was coming away from pipes and equipment and within months the ovens, boilers and heat exchangers were seen to be scale free. The bakery has received a payback on the unit in less than 12 months.

Additional units have since been purchased for the bakery shops and have also worked successfully.

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