Back Up The Rain From The Mains!

The Rain Backup in a Box® by RainWater Harvesting Ltd, is a simple and inexpensive way of automatically providing mains water when stored rainwater runs out. With successful nationwide sales to date, the Rain Backup in a Box® is an excellent auto control unit with enhanced features for 2012 giving more efficient water flow and an even more competitive product.

The Rain Backup in a Box® is designed for rainwater harvesting systems that pump directly from the storage tank to where the water is needed. It replaces a higgle piggle of components with a single compact, wall-mounted unit, with one electric plug to a wall socket, mains water input, overflow pipe and a pipe to the underground storage tank. When the rainwater runs out, the simple controller will top up the tank to a minimum level with mains water safely and economically.

Rainwater harvesting allows users to cut their mains water consumption in half by using rainwater for toilet flushing, clothes washing and any outdoor use of water. The workings of the Rain Backup in a Box ® are straight forward. A float switch detects when the rainwater storage tank is empty and opens an electrically-actuated solenoid valve so that the mains water flows into the bottom of the tank. When the float switch floats off the bottom of the tank, it turns the solenoid valve off. The bulk of the storage tank remains empty, ready to take the water from the next rain shower. Within the Rain Backup in a Box®, the mains water flows through an air gap into an inverted cup shaped device called a tundish (regulations require that there is no risk of cross contamination between mains and rainwater). The 2012 evolution of this tundish is a stylish blue injection-moulded component integrating the overflow duct.

The whole unit is fitted inside the building where the occupiers will hear it working if the rainwater runs out. It’s wall mounted with an electric plug to a wall socket, mains water input and a pipe to the underground storage tank.

Priced at just £142 plus VAT, further details of Rain Backup in a Box® are available from RainWater Harvesting Ltd., telephone 01733 405111, email: or by visiting the company’s website at

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