Avon Council selected two nursing homes in Bath to trial the ScalewatcherTM Electronic Control System. Both homes had water softeners which had been installed approximately l5 years before.

As well as the cost of salt and maintenance becoming prohibitive, the homes had the added problem that, as the elderly residents were advised not to drink the softened water, jugs of hard water for drinking had to be carried from the kitchen to their rooms every day.

At the first home where the incoming water is fed from a 2.5" plastic pipe direct to the calorifier with a bleed off 3/4" pipe to the kitchen, ScalewatcherTM was installed.

The water at the second home is kept in a large holding tank which supplies the calorifier and other services from two outlet pipes of 3" diameter. The inlet pipe to the tank is 2.5" with bleed off 3/4" pipe to the kitchen. One unit was fitted to the rising main and another to the two outlet pipes.

Six months after installation, a section of pipe was removed and inspected at the first home and found to be completely clear of scale. However, excessive corrosion to the pipe and valves caused by the long term use of water softening equipment was visible.

The valves required immediate maintenance or replacement to remain operational. Similar results were found at the second home where the resident caretaker also found that the water temperature had risen and the flow of water to a bath in a wing of the building, which had previously been poor, had improved.

In addition to savings in energy costs, further monetary gains were made in decreased use of detergents and cleaners.

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