Automist Now Avaliable to Pre-Order - Automist Turns your Kitchen Tap into a Fire Safety Device that Could Save Your Life

Automist, the award-winning automatic fire protection system, is now available to pre-order.  Last year Automist won the James Dyson Award, one of the world's most prestigious design competitions.

Automist is a patent-pending fire protection system for the kitchen, where most domestic fires start.  The first product in a new class of near-invisible automatic devices to tackle domestic fires, Automist is fitted discreetly between the tap and the sink. It connects to existing plumbing to create a fine water mist, which is an effective suppressant on both electrical and chip pan fires. Detection is based on industry standard heat detectors, effectively eliminating the nuisance alarms that are so common with smoke detectors.

Domestic fires are still a big problem in the UK with an estimated 300,000 dwelling fires each year, resulting in thousands of injuries and billions of pounds of property damage.  According to the product’s designer, Yusuf Muhammad: “Automist was invented to address community needs articulated by London’s Fire and Rescue Services. In a fire, Automist lets you focus on getting out safely; and if you can’t escape, it will help you to survive, minimising your exposure to toxic gases and heat.”

The design team, Yusuf Muhammad and Paul Thomas, set up Plumis Ltd. to develop Automist inside Imperial College’s Design London incubator. Plumis has gone on to show that Automist can extinguish small fires and greatly impede the development of more serious fires. With backing from London’s Knowledge Connect programme, Plumis ran one of the most comprehensive test programmes ever run on a mist product at BRE Global in Watford.

Automist was found to prevent death in a major furniture fire for the entire test period of 30 minutes, even for those trapped in the room.

Managing Director William Makant said: “We are delighted to be ready to accept pre-orders on the product and see the realisation of our goal of introducing affordable domestic fire protection into the mainstream.  We expect to be able to install Automist in homes from September.”

James Dyson said: “This simple but clever device should become a permanent safety feature in the home. Smoke alarms are essential part of modern life but have remained fundamentally unchanged for forty years. Automist not only detects a fire but can put it out as well.”

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