Attiro Sample Pack Now Available

Attiro sample packs are now available for architects, interior designers and contractors to experience how the pioneering new Attiro accessible real wood flooring works hand in hand with Kingspan steel encapsulated floor panels.

Attiro secures magnetically to Kingspan steel encapsulated raised access flooring, achieving the look of a traditional wood floor but without limiting access to the raised floor and service void beneath.

The sample pack contains two pieces of Attiro, a section of a Kingspan panel, and a collection of Attiro shades and finishes, together with examples of layout options. The pack clearly highlights how in contrast to inaccessible tongue and groove wood flooring, the European oak-veneered Attiro can be lifted in any part of a floor in seconds, thanks to its magnetic base.

Attiro’s range of shades and finishes are designed to suit any taste and interior – from deep, rich grains to crisp, clean whites. You can choose from three finishes: brushed, sawmill and rustic hand scraped.

Attiro offers substantial cost savings – because it is installed at the later part of the fit out stage there is far less chance of damage compared to the alternative pre bonded wood faced panels, and unlike tongue and groove wood flooring, if a stave does need to be replaced it can be easily removed, and the floor can be walked on as soon as it has been installed.

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