Attack resistant security doors from Oikos

Oikos build attack resistant security doors! Masters of the minimal fully-integrated design, all doors are industry tested to withstand a prolonged assault using tools. Specifying a range of concealed hinge mechanisms, Oikos are able to deliver flush-with-wall, aerodynamic minimalism, which belies the strength and security rating of their steel security door range.

Tekno is specifiable as a front door or interior model. Fire rated and attack resistant, the hinge mechanism for this door is concealed within the door jamb, creating a flush aesthetic that complements the doors signature minimalist panelling design.

Project, for interiors only, is security rated and industry tested at Class 3. Fully compliant with UK fire regulations, Project’s sleek minimal appearance draws on the same concealed hinge technology as Tekno.

Synua is designed to make a statement in exterior facades, but can also be specified for interiors. Opening on a concealed pivot hinge, this attack resistant security door opens up enclosed spaces, specifying design that has the same sleek minimalism as the rest of the Oikos range.

Security Rating Range: Class 3 – Class 4

All interior models have the capacity to meet UK fire regulations. 

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