Assa Abloy provides security boost for Magnox South

The ASSA CLIQ stand-alone access control system from ASSA ABLOY has provided a security enhancement boost for Magnox South Ltd, a leading management and operations contractor currently decommissioning the Berkeley Site in Gloucestershire on behalf of the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority. The installation of this popular system not only provided the ultimate in functionality and flexibility, it yielded cost-savings in excess of £60k.

With a strategy of deferred site clearance spanning some 100 years after the cessation of generation, security at the site continues to be critical. When the existing integrated access control system needed extending to other buildings on site, not only was the capital investment required high, so too was the disruption and cost of the installation. The site therefore welcomed the simplicity and versatility of ASSA ABLOY’s ASSA CLIQ master key system.

Site Security Manager at the Berkeley Site, Jeremy Pallister, explains: “ASSA CLIQ is tremendously impressive. Combining the intelligence of an electronic access system, ASSA CLIQ operates effectively alongside our main access control system to provide the site with maximum security and convenience. It also offers the flexibility to grow as we require – hence, padlocks and other doors were added to the system. What’s more, to further strengthen security, ASSA CLIQ enables us to collect and check audit trails.”

Jeremy added: “What is even more impressive is that by installing ASSA CLIQ, the cost savings at the Berkeley Site alone were in the region of £60k, and this even took into account the initial purchase of the system.”

Commenting on the Magnox specification, Electric Locking Product Manager at ASSA ABLOY Door Solutions, Lorna Hylton said: “The Berkeley Site illustrates perfectly the benefits that ASSA CLIQ can bring to retrofit situations when an upgrade of security is required, but where the investment will not stretch to a traditional electronic access system. In the current economic climate, ASSA CLIQ provides an unrivalled cost-effective access control solution.”

ASSA CLIQ combines the best of electronic design with an off-line installation at a fraction of the cost. Its wire-free design makes intelligent, flexible and high security lock systems possible with no need for additional door preparation, and total control of security is permitted via electronically programmed keys. In the event of loss or theft, keys are simply cancelled from the database and each lock is easily reprogrammed.

ASSA ABLOY provides complete door and locking solutions to the specification sector. The company specialises in developing one-stop-shop solutions designed to provide the ultimate in physical security, safety and convenience, drawing on the wider resources of the ASSA ABLOY group when required. All solutions are designed to withstand the rigours of demanding environments and achieve the highest legislative accreditations.

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