Asphalt Preservation treatment could help fix ‘crumbling roads crisis’

The latest Annual Local Authority Road Maintenance (ALARM) Survey reports that there is a crumbling road crisis as the number of potholes appearing on the UK’s road infrastructure continues to escalate. It highlights that the volume of potholes repaired over the last 12 months has risen to over 2 million, that’s an increase of 29% compared to the previous year.

The record breaking wet weather over the last couple of years has resulted in roads deteriorating at an unprecedented pace. The presence of water has accelerated pothole cracks, the general degradation of the UK’s network and the cost of maintaining it.

Geoff French, vice president of the Institution of Civil Engineers said ‘more preventative maintenance that lasts is needed to ensure our roads are more resilient and this is the approach that is likely to be more cost-effective in the long run.’

This is where Ultracrete can help! The revolutionary HAPAS approved Rhinophalt® surface preservation system protects asphalt from the elements and the eventual formation of potholes. This cold spray applied material acts as a preservative, sealing in the essential oils of the bituminous binder found in asphalt, providing protection from weathering, oxidisation and the ingress of water. It prevents the aggregate loosening and cracks forming, which leads to potholes. Substantial financial benefits are achieved because the cost of expensive resurfacing and unplanned maintenance is dramatically reduced.

The system is already proven and has been used extensively across the UK including, the M40 motorway, which currently has the highest availability rate, having been treated with Rhinophalt® from Ultracrete.

“I cannot see how anyone can ignore the possibilities available through the use of this process, we believe that preservatives are a big part of the future for highway maintenance.” John Gardner, UK Highways Group

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