Ash & Lacy Publish New Warranty Guide

Ash & Lacy Building Systems has produced a comprehensive guide to their unique AWM Warranty scheme, which offers the client confidence in their "as built" products and systems.

Entitled "Your Building - Freely Ashured," the guide is aimed at providing construction professionals with an overview of all the company's warranty options.

The guide primarily focuses on the AWM Protector Warranty. This is available free of charge and provides an independent drawing and design review. Weekly inspections are carried out to audit workmanship and verify compliance with current building regulations and good working practice.

"Your Building - Freely Ashured" explains how the Protector Warranty significantly differs from standard types of warranty.

Time is taken to outline enhanced warranty schemes available from Ash & Lacy, such as Pioneer and Pathfinder.

The reader is also guided through the Ashure Partnership scheme. This enables Ash & Lacy to work closely with suppliers and customers to provide a complete service and total peace of mind to the building owner.

The guide is now available to download from the Ash & Lacy Building Systems Website

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