Ash & Lacy Launches Public Spending Information Campaign

Ash & Lacy Building Systems has just launched a new information campaign to demonstrate that drastic Government spending cuts need not mean that problems with public buildings have to remain unsolved.

Entitled "Rethink & Refurb," the campaign aims to demonstrate to public construction professionals and specialists that they can turn a problem into an opportunity by channeling their energies into the refurbishment of existing building stock, sometimes in favour of ambitious new build projects.

Setting the scene, Ash & Lacy Managing Director Ray Harriman commented: "The recent review of the Building Schools for the Future project saw over 700 school rebuilding projects scrapped. Countless public building roofs continue to leak, are thermally inefficient and expensive to heat, with a massive overall carbon footprint.

"Clearly these are major issues and where reconstruction is no longer financially-viable, refurbishment of existing building stock becomes irresistible. Our campaign is aimed at addressing how best to exploit this paradigm shift, in terms of truly deliverable, long-lasting, effective solutions that stay within what will inevitably be reduced budget levels across the whole spectrum of public spending.

"A successful building envelope refurbishment project provides a watertight and thermally efficient result with significantly reduced carbon emissions. It also rejuvenates run-down buildings and transforms the morale of occupants. To fully achieve these benefits, it's essential that the professionals involved establish effective partnerships with refurbishment specialists, who can already boast an impeccable and extensive track record.

"At Ash & Lacy, we have built up an enormous knowledge base and portfolio of refurbishment projects over two decades, covering every aspect of the external envelope. We think the time is right to ensure this know-how is widely disseminated to the public sector at a financially testing time when we feel we can really make a difference."

Ash & Lacy has recently produced a new explanatory leaflet which reflects the new thinking in public construction financing and how to make the most of it. Called "Government Spending Cuts - Turn a Problem into an Opportunity".

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