As Traditional as the Blackpool Tram

Glyngary the sash window specialists, have had a Blackpool tram painted in its livery. When quizzed on this unusual form of advertising, Glyn, the sales and marketing manager, explains that sash windows are probably the most traditional type of window in production. ‘They are an important part of the British heritage, with many types of properties, from Stately Homes to terrace houses incorporating them. The linkage with another traditional image from our heritage along with the ability of Blackpool and the surrounding towns to attract a wide diversity of visitors from around the country, was an ideal advertising opportunity.’

Glyngary, has seen a real increase in demand for both the timber and PVCu sash windows that they produce. Glyn, points out that more and more people are insisting that the character of their properties are not compromised. This and the increased conservation requirements by most councils make sash windows a very popular choice.

If you are looking for a specialist supplier, contact Glyngary on 01925 763836, for a catalogue or more information.

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