As landfill charges loom, stainless steel sinks provide recyclable option

Whilst most householders know that card, paper and plastic can be recycled, how high is awareness of the recyclability of larger household items? In the kitchen for example, a stainless steel sink is 70% recyclable, and an old sink is widely accepted by local authority recycling centres as part of their scrap metal collections.

The BLANCO range of stainless steel sinks is one of the widest available, and includes a great variety of models designed to appeal to all sectors of the market; from the BLANCOPLUS inset sink options at the low end, including a classic one and a half bowl configuration, to the cutting edge BLANCOZEROX undermount, with its zero radius corners and X patterned base, and also includes a range of design-led sinks for overmounting, such as the BLANCOCLASSIC M1820.

Keeping stainless steel at the heart of their sink production is just one aspect of BLANCO’s ongoing environmental commitment, which also includes constant revision of production and distribution processes.

For further details of the full range of BLANCO products, log onto For further information, and details of local stockists, please contact Blanco Limited, Oxgate Lane, London NW2 7JN. Tel: 020 8450 9100; email:;

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