ArtMe receives Red Dot Product Design Award 2010 – One of the most prestigious design awards in the world and the only one from the field of fireproofed roofs and façades

Essen / Germany, 6th July 2010 - Trimo developed ArtMe, a new way of individually designing the surfaces of façade cladding that won the prestigious Red Dot Product Design Award. This makes ArtMe the only product from the field of fireproofed roofs and façades to receive this award. ArtMe was selected out of 4,252 applied projects from 57 countries. Consequently, ArtMe was one of 7 Slovenian products to receive the Red Dot Award. Trimo’s representatives accepted the award at a ceremony in honour of the winners, held yesterday at the Opera House Aalto-Teater, in Essen, Germany.

ArtMe, is the result of a Slovenian collaboration between between the conuntry’s Forming Laboratory of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Ljubljana and the Gorenje Design Studio (GDS).

ArtMe enables the creation of visual effects with shadows, shapes, and patterns on the façade clad building surface. Aside from the use of 3 pre-prepared patterns (a range of 3 foundation designs), a new technological approach also enables the random use of unique shapes, pictures, signs, logos, and brand signs on the surface of Trimo’s façade elements, based on the architect's ideas.

The main advantage of the ArtMe solution for end-users is the option of complete individualisation of the façade envelope image. The innovation's main feature is hidden by the use of sophisticated technology to reform existing end-products so the product's operational quality, basic integrity, and characteristics of the façade system aim to be sustained, and enhanced, by the ArtMe application. The special aspect of the ArtMe individualized façades is encapsulated by the constant production of new images for the observer (depending on the lighting, angle, and lighting sources).

Exhibition of the winning products in the Red Dot Design Museum

ArtMe, and other awarded products, will be on display from 6th July until 1st August 2010, within the exhibition titled “Design on stage – winners of the Red Dot Award: Designing Products 2010”, in the Red Dot design Museum in “Zeche Zollverein” – the centre for cultural heritage in Essen. At the end of this exhibition ArtMe will be on display for at least a year at the Red Dot Museum's permanent exhibition. The exhibition is a great international achievement for every company, as the Red Dot Museum, with its 1,500 products, in more than 4,000 square metres, offers the largest permanent exhibition of modern design in the world.

Red Dot Design Award

The Red Dot Design Award - which dates back to 1955 - is the largest and most popular international design competition. It comprises individual disciplines of the “Red Dot Award: Product Design”, “Red Dot Award: Communication design”, and “Red Dot Award: Design Concept”.


The award initiator and design specialist, Professor Dr. Peter Zec, emphasised that quality is vital in the award-winning process: “All products that win the Red Dot Design Award persuade the international specialist jury of their quality. The award-winning products stand out from the grey average with their excellent concept and innovative approach, and now they have also proven their quality in one of the most difficult design competitions in the world.”

Dr. Viktor Zaletelj, the founding father of ArtMe and Head of ArtMe Project Development, Trimo: “The idea of ArtMe opens new guidelines in understanding many serial products. ArtMe differs from the usual configuration possibilities of combinations/compounds/accessories, by providing in advance the offer of complete individualisation of a building’s façade envelope design, without any additional elements. This leap was only possible by using completely new technological procedures, which is where the real development work starts. External colleagues, Dr. Aleš Petek and Prof. Dr. Karl Kuzman, from the Forming laboratory of the Faculty of Machine Engineering, provided their expertise. In our case, combining knowledge from the Economics and Research department work, goal-orientation, and unlimited research spirit and enthusiasm, all proved vital for the efficient development and presentation of ArtMe to the market – this makes us the sole provider of this service in this field.”

Prof. Dr. Karl Kuzman, Head of the Forming laboratory of the Faculty of Machine Engineering, University of Ljubljana: “Those of us who know Trimo are not surprised that the company received such a prestigious award, as Trimo as a whole has been a constant “red dot”. The fact that it was ArtMe that received the award only confirms that fresh, acceptable, and commercially interesting ideas can be discovered faster if science, designers, architects, producers, and marketing are working under the same roof within an innovative company. I would like to congratulate Trimo; we are happy and proud to be a part of the “ArtMe” team.”

Jasna Petan, MA, Director, Gorenje Design Studio: “The main challenge in designing Artme patterns was combining architectural, technological, and graphical elements to achieve the abstract outcomes, and individualise the façade envelope at the same time. The quality of the design solution is the result of successful cooperation of the designer David Cugelj, and architect Saša Hribernik, from Gorenje's Design Studio, with the Trimo’s development team and the Forming laboratory, of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Ljubljana. The Red Dot Design Award only confirms the key role of uniting inter-disciplinary knowledge for innovation and product added value.”

About Trimo

Trimo is one of the leading European manufacturers and suppliers of complete solutions for fireproof roofs and façades. The company markets its products under their own brand name in over 50 countries around the world. Trimo is directly present in 27 countries with its companies, representative offices, and agents.

The Red Dot Design Award for ArtMe is Trimo’s first Red Dot Award.

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About Gorenje Design Studio

The Gorenje Design Studio exploits its vast experience and know-how from Gorenje's industrial design department. As an independent firm for the last two years, it has proven itself by various completed projects in industrial, graphic, architectural, and service design. The studio strives to become a design-knowledge hub that helps companies, home and abroad, achieve higher added value for their products and services, for the end-user.

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