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Yokis RF smart ligting control

6 Jul 2017

Yokis Smart Lighting Control With Max Pro!

Yokis: The alternative approach to home and building automation.
Digital micromodules for lights and blind automation.

The Max Pro comes with a built in Yokis radio transmitter and app for simple control of lighting and blinds. Button icons can be configured to represent rooms or zones in the home. Along with a useful all off function, scenarios and zone scene settings can be configured.

Yokis can be provided as a standalone lighting solution or in conjunction with the Max Pro touchscreen, to find out more about Yokis visit

Each receiver can be controlled by an unlimited number of transmitters, thus simplifying the introduction of new
wall-mounted or portable radio controls.
■■ All transmitters can be configured to operate with single or centralised control.
■■ Thanks to the wide band of Yokis Radio Bus, it is possible to send several commands and information for
centralisations and scenarios at the same time.
■■ A very fast transmission of information on Radio Bus allows having almost immediate response times. Therefore it is
possible to simultaneously control several hundreds of radio micromodules.
■■ Based on a two-way system: each radio control provides for the relevant control reception feedback.
■■ Each Yokis radio module is addressed through a unique and protected identification code.
■■ Modules with external antenna are useful to increase the radio range, for instance in case of flush-mounted metal
boxes that might reduce the range.
■■ Easier installation: Radio Bus configuration and check is even simpler thanks to Yokis Pro app tailored for
■■ More comfort for final user: thanks to Yokis Hub and YnO app, you can manage your systems from wherever you
are, inside and outside of your house.
■■ Transmitter pushbuttons can be configured according to your needs: switch-on only, switch-off only and toggle.
■■ Increase the range of a transmitter with the Radio Bus to reach a distant receiver.