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Weymouth and Portland National Sailing Academy

10 Sep 2013
Case study

Project Overview

The WPNSA is an important international sporting venue with direct access to Portland Harbour and Weymouth Bay - some of the best sailing waters in the world. Since it opened, WPNSA has hosted some of the biggest regattas in the world. The latest upgrades to the facilities at the Academy were completed in 2008 and, with many international sailors and additional visiting spectators, the venue has also been supported by significant improvements to the surrounding highway infrastructure, town centre, high streets and minor roads – designed to relieve congestion and improve accessibility to the Weymouth and Portland area. ACO surface water drainage products have been extensively and successfully utilised on many of these projects.

ACO Scope of supply

ACO supplied MultiDrain channel drainage which was used outside the reception area of the main WPNSA building to provide efficient removal of surface water. This channel and grating system has narrow Heelguard slots, making it ideal for the significant pedestrian traffic using the area. The drainage not only provides an efficient and effective solution but also has a traditional, aesthetically pleasing appearance to make it blend with the architectural feel of this site. To ensure product longevity, the grating was manufactured from a composite material to protect it from corrosion caused by salt water.
The channel drainage system, ACO RoadDrain was used on the road leading to Weymouth and Portland harbour. ACO RoadDrain is a high strength, easy to install, one-piece system with integrated channel and grating. Being integral within the system, the inlet grating is not vulnerable to damage, loss or theft and the one-piece design guarantees product strength and reliability throughout its lifetime. The system is constructed of resin concrete, making it resistant to corrosion or rust and preserving the aesthetics of the finished project. These characteristics made it an ideal choice for the WPNSA area, which needs to manage frequent transport of high value sailing vessels. The RoadDrain system ensures equipment is kept safe and heavy wheel loads are accommodated. The product’s large intake area guarantees maximum hydraulic performance and its design improves flow velocity. This keeps the drainage channels clear and maintains efficient removal of surface water from the roads to keep carriageways free from flooding and safe for traffic.

The tough and robust combined kerb and drainage system, ACO KerbDrain, was widely used on much of the regeneration project. The versatility of this product meant it was utilised across a multitude of applications in the area, including roads, junctions and roundabouts, to ensure safe surface water run-off. This extremely effective combined linear drainage solution is manufactured from recycled polymer concrete, which makes it an environmentally friendly choice and also means it is protected from corrosion in this coastal location.

Legacy for Weymouth and Portland

The road improvements have left a legacy for the beautiful Weymouth and Portland coastal area that improves accessibility for its ongoing tourism trade. Junctions that were frequently congested have been replaced and the work has also improved the efficiency of public transport operations. Use of the ACO products will help ensure sustainable, reliable and environmentally sound surface water management.

Pleased to be part of the project

Richard Hill, Managing Director at ACO Water Management, commented, “Environmentally sound water drainage solutions are an important part of our transport infrastructure. We were delighted ACO products were selected to help with the significant road improvements around Weymouth and Portland. The project has improved access to an important sporting venue and the surrounding area.”

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