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Trinkets: Decorated Ownership: A gathering spot of mosaic memories

23 Mar 2020


Trinkets: Decorated Ownership: A gathering spot of mosaic memories. A poem by LionHeartfelt


‘My room is like a horrible shrine to my 16 year old self’    


I have objects  

placed in controlled confusion, 

people would wonder why I hold on to things 

like my past is my future’s refugee,  


harbouring nostalgia in a childhood hallway, 

I’m ‘Sentimental about inanimate objects’ 


And yet these trinkets are so full of life: 

-They’re all things someone has given to me’ 

-Or reflect my relationships with other people’ 


They say a lot about me. Even though 

They don’t show where I want to go. 


I find value is a depth beyond the surface. 

Memory: The deeper aesthetic. 


My bedroom is a built environment of trinkets 

where memories are the walls only amnesia 

can seduce away, but I’d notice 


if something was missing, moved or forgotten. 




Contributing Notes:  

The one thing we can control is how we invite ourselves into a familiar space. What familiarity does in architecture, rekindles sleeping neurons, perhaps we are awakening each time that familiarity sparks resonance. Whereas the direction of architecture outside of this space: our home, bedroom, garden etc. serves a controlling function outside of the individual. 

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