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Transforming the structural waterproofing sector with Delta MS Fire Retardant

25 May 2021

We are delighted to announce the publication of our new Delta MS Fire Retardant brochure which reflects the capabilities of specifying a Type C, Cavity Drainage Membrane that not only offers protection from water or vapour ingress but also protection in the event of fire suitable for a wide range of applications across the construction industry.

The new MS Fire Retardant brochure joins our portfolio of structural waterproofing specific brochures that together provides a complete overview of our products, design philosophies and of course our services.

This 28-page, full colour brochure presents an opportunity of exploring an alternative Type C, cavity drain system and the benefits of using a fire-retardant system to prevent fires and in occurrence of fire, to stop the spread and help to reduce the amount of damage caused by flames. Invaluable to protecting homes and structures and to provide extra time to for residents/occupants to safely evacuate a building if a fire does occur.

Kevin Dodds, Managing Director said: “Our latest brochure tells an interesting story of how far the MS 500 membrane has come and is a true reflection of the growing business.  Brochures will continue play an important part of our marketing strategy.  Our brochures are continuing to evolve, and we look forward to adding to the portfolio.  This contemporary brochure is a great reflection of Delta’s commitment to product research and development.”

“Product development is always a journey.  Exhilarating and exhausting at the same time.  We’re passionate about developing ideas, concepts and products that will have a positive impact on the sector.  We collaborate with experts in our field as well as trade bodies, build authorities, test houses and more importantly, you, our customers to ensure we are design products to meet your project needs.   Our design approach to structural waterproofing is problem-driven and we explore and develop solutions for the issues, whether it’s in relation to reducing project failure to making the build sector safer. 

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