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Traditional London Townhouse

4 Jan 2021
Case study

This impressive, traditional London townhouse was purchased roughly 5 years ago and in the time since, has undergone a complete transformation to achieve the new homeowner’s vision for their dream property.

Andy Mather of Allstruct, the developer for the project comments “when the house was purchased, the homeowner’s spent the first two years meticulously planning every aspect of the design for the home.”

Giving themselves a completely blank slate to work with, all floors, ceilings, walls and windows were removed. “When you opened the front door, there was just an empty pit!”.

To add to these already extensive works being undertaken, a new basement, now a gym and office space, was constructed following the approval of planning permission. “In total, we were on site for 65 weeks from the beginning” Andy explains.

Paul Archer Architects were brought in at the beginning of the project to help and advise the homeowners with their extensive plans. They submitted considerably detailed information about suppliers that could source various elements and new products needed throughout. For the new windows, the architects recommended Mumford & Wood as well as a couple of other suppliers.

“The information submitted by the architects was so in-depth about each supplier, and based on this, the homeowners were more than happy to specify Mumford & Wood’s sash windows throughout”.

The beautiful new sash windows include a mixture of styles, with different glazing bar formations featured and an oversized venetian sash window in the sitting room. These new sash windows are a perfect complement to neighbouring properties on the street and their high-performance construction ensures the home benefits from increased heat retention and a reduction of noise levels from outside.

Works were completed approximately 9 months ago, with the homeowners finally able to move in after purchasing 5 years prior. The home is finished to an impressively high standard, with every single detail to the homeowner’s exact specification.

“Both the homeowners and ourselves have been very impressed with the windows. In fact, I have since been back in touch with Mumford & Wood to obtain a quote for another project I am working on” Andy concludes.

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