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TEMPOSOFT 2 Mixers and taps with soft-touch operation

11 Jun 2013
Ergonomics and Design
Conventional push-button mixers and taps require significant force to operate, which may pose problems for people with reduced mobility or for children. To ensure the comfort and ease of users, DELABIE has developed a new range of mixers and taps with soft-touch operation. TEMPOSOFT 2 features a de-pressurising system which reduces the amount of force required to activate the water flow from 6kg to 3kg. Not only is it easy to use, but this new mixer/tap combines a timeless design with simplicity and elegance.

Water Savings
In public and commercial places users can often be negligent, forgetting to turn the tap off after use and wasting water. This misuse, combined with high daily usage, makes water saving a priority for buildings that are open to the public. With an automatic timed shut-off after 15 seconds and a flow rate pre-set at 3 litres per minute, TEMPOSOFT 2 generates water savings of more than 84% compared to conventional mixers/taps. For an even more ecological water consumption rate, TEMPOSOFT 2 is also available with 7 seconds shut-off delay.

TEMPOSOFT 2 features an automatic, timed shut-off. Since there is no manual contact after soaping, germs cannot be spread by hand, unlike conventional mixers.
Moreover, it is fitted with a hygienic flow straightener with a honeycomb design in a scale proof material. Scale build up is 10-times slower on the DELABIE flow straightener than for a conventional aerator. In effect it prevents water retention and scale build-up, reducing bacterial growth.
TEMPOSOFT 2 is also supplied with PEX flexible supply hoses. This type of flexible will withstand the thermal and chemical shocks that are undertaken in public and commercial places for preventative or curative treatments against Legionella.

Specifically designed for intensive use in public and commercial places
In the public and commercial sector mixers and taps are subject to intensive use by a wide range of users. These environments require specially designed mixers/taps that are robust, vandal proof and durable.
Temposoft 2, with its solid brass body, triple-coating and reinforced fixing, is specifically designed for intensive use in public sanitary facilities. It will withstand more than 500,000 operations.