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Stepping Park House is flooded with natural light and aligned with lush plants

2 Apr 2019
By Anna Marks

Situated in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, is ‘Stepping Park House’ —  a home which looks as though it is located within a forest. 


Designed by VTN architects, Stepping Park House is adjacent to a park and has been designed to appear as an extension to the environment.


The house features a large ‘void’ which cuts between three floors.


On the ground floor, the space serves as a living room, open to the park and on the top floor, it serves as a family room.


This central space is flooded with natural light and aligned with lush plants which gives home-dwellers the feeling of being in an exotic, plant-filled landscape within their own home. 


Contrasting with the open spaces throughout the building, the private rooms such as the bedrooms are placed in solid volumes.


The central void space ensures natural ventilation throughout the house via a ‘chimney effect’ which reduces the need for air conditioners and electricity.


The sustainability of the building makes it a successful model for housing in tropical climates and is one of the latest projects from VTN Architects called ‘House for Trees’ which aims to alert people to the decreasing green spaces in Vietnam.


This follows the philosophy of VTN Architects’ other projects: to integrate as much green design into their work as possible. 


To view more about the project, visit VTN Architects' website.


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