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'Space Is The Breath Of Art' - FL Wright

17 Dec 2012

Frank Lloyd Wright, the greatest American Architect of all time, favoured natural materials; warm earth tones and the integration of interior and exterior. He ‘borrowed landscape’, using windows or doorways like picture frames, and was fascinated with geometric shapes. His clean minimalistic lines and simple elegant structures were flooded with natural light and remained blissfully devoid of ornamentation.


His innovation is still influencing architects to this day and at Apropos we believe his philosophy to be as alive in modern times as it ever was. Our structures still follow his vision, creating breathtaking expanses of glass, through which not a single moment of nature is missed.


Today we successfully merge Wright’s ideals with modern technologies and our architecture fully explores cutting-edge glass technology; creating solutions with ingenious imagination and originality. We are constantly striving to remove boundaries with our pioneering work; engineering thinner frames than anyone else on the market in order to allow for an uninterrupted borrowing of landscape; thus turning Wright’s vision into a tangible reality.


By nature Apropos’ designs are bespoke and therefore without a standard look or range, instead, whichever structure you choose to improve your home with will be built entirely around you. We can create a completely new living or working area; we can extend your home on one or more levels, opening it up to the light, the sun and the surrounding landscape; or create a bespoke glass and aluminum structure which can be used as a design studio, poolside lounge or an open plan kitchen and dining area. Maybe you dream of a dull, tiny kitchen turned into a bright, airy room, looking out onto your garden, or folding sliding doors opening up the whole back wall of your home to reveal the full majesty of nature and the outdoors; creating a space which removes the boundaries between inside and out.


Apropos offers many possibilities; creating additional space within your existing home, utilising dead space within your garden, framing the landscape and allowing light into every area of your property. With an Apropos structure you are investing in a piece of art through which your life and well-being can be greatly improved. If space is the breath of art then an Apropos structure, with its open-plan, spacious and airy properties, is sure to help you sit back, breath deep and relax.


Apropos’ range includes; roof lanterns, atriums, conservatories and orangeries, all of which can combine moderating microclimate controls and specialist glass. Anything is possible with an Apropos structure.