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Single split Artcool Gallery Units available with R32

6 Nov 2019

LG has launched its single split Artcool Gallery air conditioning units in the UK. The units have been available for Multi Split and VRF systems for a while but now they will also be available as a single split option.

The Artcool Gallery continues to offer a fashionably elegant air conditioning unit when compared to the competition. The units allow you to customise your space with interchangeable artwork.

Standard features from the single split range include Auto cleaning, jet cool, 3-way swing, fast heating and the popular silence mode – at just 3dB. It features LG’s dual inverter compressor at its heart, which provides an effective solution, resulting in an air conditioner that cools faster, lasts longer and operates more quietly than conventional models – at around 19dB.

The varied speed dual rotary compressor motor in the Single Split Artcool Gallery units has a wider rotational frequency, that is energy efficient and has a higher volumetric quick cooling capacity than any conventional compressors. The Dual Inverter Compressor reduces the vibration associated with its operation and with it the sound pressure levels. The reduction in vibration reduces the possibility of fractures occurring in the surrounding pipework and provides a significant product reliability improvement over conventional units. Golf Fin coating adds to the units durability, by protecting the heat exchanger from unnecessary wear and corrosion. And as with all LG equipment, it features quick and easy installation as standard.

“We’re delighted to be able to offer this new air conditioner option to the UK market,” says LG’s Hugo Lambourn. “The use of R32 continues our drive to offer greener solutions. R32 refrigerant - with a low GWP of 675 - offers the unprecedented feature as a low volume refrigerant that is as efficient as any conventional option, so qualifying it as a ‘green’ refrigerant.”

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