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Sikafloor® Supplies Level-Best Solution For High-Profile Bank Installation

25 Jun 2019
Case study



Sika® supplied the perfectly-level, anti-static floor system to protect highly-sensitive IT equipment on behalf of one of the world's leading banks.

The project involved the installation of a safe and stylish surface at a new building attached to the existing premises of global bank and finance services firm.

The new construction was built to contain a host of vital computer software, requiring flooring of the utmost smoothness, strength and anti-static properties to safeguard the efficiency of the company's hi-tech communications. Sika's supremely-smart and reliable built-up system proved more than ideal for the task.

Sikafloor® MultiDur ES-24 ECF was selected by the project's main contractors, to install  the new 1,000m2 surface. GSS Flooring diamond-grounded the substrate to prepare the ground for a 30mm layer of Sikafloor® Level 30, a fast drying, cementitious screed. Sikafloor® -161, a two-part epoxy primer for concrete substrates with excellent bond strength was then applied, followed by a conductive layer including a copper tape grid. The surface's anti-static layer was provided by Sikafloor®-220W, a two-component, water-based epoxy coating with high electrostatic conductivity. Sikafloor® -262 ASN supplied the smooth, high-gloss finish. The multi-purpose binder also offers optimum mechanical and chemical resistance, making it the ideal solution for a variety of highly-trafficked work spaces.

Barry Nicholson, Director at GSS Flooring, said:"We specified Sika for this extremely high-profile project as we believed it offered the best-quality finish - we were not wrong. Not only did Sikafloor® MultiDur ES-24 ECF perform as well as we expected, Sika offered invaluable technical advice throughout the programme.

Despite interruption from other on-site trades, GSS Flooring was able to install the new surface to the agreed timeframe and the client's complete satisfaction. This was due to the superb diligence and skill of the installation team who worked seven-day weeks to complete the huge project in two phases over a two-month period. The result is a smart, perfectly-smooth floor which carries a Sika guarantee of its anti-static properties. You can bank on Sika to produce high-quality flooring.