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Shackerley Launches Innovative BrickClad® Brick Systems

19 Nov 2020

Shackerley, the UK cladding manufacturer behind SureClad® patented ventilated façade systems, has developed two innovative BrickClad® brick ranges, with a unique mechanical fixing system engineered and manufactured in-house.

Alongside its SureClad® Ceramic Granite, Engineered Stone, Natural Stone and Terracotta façades, installed with the Queen’s Award winning SureClad® Access or Hang-on fixing systems, Shackerley now offers the Saxony and Rustic BrickClad® mechanically-fixed brick systems. Designed to provide increased choice and flexibility for specifiers, contractors and developers from the trusted Shackerley brand, the new ranges provide an ideal solution for a lightweight and robust brick façade that is faster and easier to install, while providing an authentic and durable traditional brick appearance.

The Saxony BrickClad® range is manufactured using Westerwald clays, which are internationally renowned for their purity and only found in North West Germany. Monitored during production in line with Shackerley’s strict ISO 9001-certified quality assurance commitment, the bricks in the Saxony BrickClad® range are fired at temperatures as high as 12600C. This irreversibly fuses the clay molecules to create impervious and extremely durable bricks for an attractive and hardwearing façade.

Manufactured using specially-selected refined clays, chosen to ensure hardwearing and attractive brick facades, Rustic BrickClad® bricks are extruded through special dies to meet Shackerley’s high quality standards and offer a variety of brick colours and textures.

Both the Saxony and Rustic BrickClad® systems utilise Shackerley’s unique BrickClad® mechanical fixing system, manufactured at the company’s ISO 9001 certified factory in Lancashire. Shackerley has designed the fixing system and developed the bespoke process equipment used to manufacture it in-house, roll-forming the BrickClad® cassette rails using 0.7mm thick Magnelis-coated steel or stainless steel. The BrickClad® cassette rails are 40% thicker than other mechanical fixing systems to deliver enhanced strength, performance and corrosion resistance, while offering a lightweight solution that offers ease of installation.

Brian G Newell, founder and CEO of Shackerley explains: “Brick facades are an increasingly popular choice because of the texture and variation they offer and the traditional aesthetic, which is ideal for echoing the materiality of existing urban locations.

“Having led innovation in the cladding sector with our SureClad® ventilated façade systems over two decades, we have invested in a detailed product development process for BrickClad® to ensure that our mechanically fixed brick systems offer the appearance and durability of brick with the exceptional installation and performance benefits the construction sector expects from Shackerley. Both the Saxony and Rustic BrickClad® systems are fully compatible with any of our SureClad® support structure products, enabling us to offer specifiers even more design flexibility for complex and varied façades, while providing joined-up, quality assured supply from a single manufacturer.”


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