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SECURITHERM single lever thermostatic mixer for washbasins

11 Jun 2013
Single lever On/Off control
The latest generation of DELABIE mixers feature single lever control. The same lateral movement opens the valve and controls the temperature, significantly increasing ergonomics and functionality compared to conventional dual control thermostatic mixers. A long lever, designed especially for people with reduced mobility, means that the mixers can be wrist or elbow-operated, simplifying control.
Equipped with a sequential cartridge, the mixer opens and closes with cold water. The cold water is drawn directly from the system (DELABIE patented), with no hot water passage, reducing the risk of scalding.

Total anti-scalding safety
To reduce the development of Legionella colonies, hot water should be produced and distributed at high temperatures and a thermostatic mixing valve should be considered to reduce the water temperature at the point-of-use and reduce the risk of scalding (HSE approved code of practice and guidance L08*). The DELABIE SECURITHERM TMV3 approved mixers** provide optimal anti-scalding safety.
The H9600 mixer is equipped with a thermostatic cartridge which ensures temperature stability regardless of pressure and flow rate variations in the system. Like all DELABIE mixers in the healthcare range, it is fitted with a pre-set maximum temperature limiter to prevent users scalding themselves.
Furthermore, the SECURITHERM thermostatic mixer ensures the hot water shuts off instantly if the cold water fails unexpectedly. The hot water shuts off completely (there are no leaks at all), providing optimal anti-scalding safety. Similarly, if the water supply fails, the cold water shuts off immediately, preventing cold shocks.
The H9600 also benefits from SECURITOUCH technology. The entire mechanism is covered in a highly insulating material, preventing any risk of burning from touching the mixer.

Controlling bacterial proliferation
Unlike the majority of mixers and taps on the market, all the internal parts of the H9600 mixer are completely smooth, significantly slowing bacterial development.
An ergonomic spout height of 85mm reduces the risk of bacteria splashing back onto the spout.
The spout is fitted with a hygienic scale-proof flow straightener, reducing water retention and the build-up of impurities, and limiting the development of germs.
The mixer is supplied with PEX flexibles*** which can resist thermal and chemical shocks, both of which are frequently undertaken in healthcare establishments.

Water and energy savings
In the face of excessive consumption from healthcare buildings, (400 litres per day per person compared to 137 litres for domestic
use), water savings are an important factor in the healthcare sector.
Equipped with a flow rate regulator set 7 litres per minute at 3 bar, the H9600 mixer generates up to 50% water savings compared to other mixers and taps on the market, while maintaining user comfort.
The water savings also mean savings in energy and in equipment. Moreover, less water volume in the installation reduces the risk of bacterial proliferation.

* Health Service Executive ‘Legionnaires’ disease: The control of Legionella bacteria in water systems. Approved code of practice and guidance L8’.
** H9600 & H9605 TMV3 Buildcert /DO8 Spec. no. BC1002/0512.
*** Copper tails are available on request.