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Routine is Similar to Addiction. A poem by LionHeart

27 Mar 2020


For the last two years LionHeart has been exploring architects’ approach to design in order to affect how we feel in spaces.

In December 2019 we invited LionHeart to read his poetry inspired by the series of residencies he carried out with architects and designers, as well as the Building Centre. Through his work, LionHeart aims to express his findings in a way that could shift approaches to design, wellbeing and architectural processes.

'Routine is Similar to Addiction' is one of his many poems we will be sharing with you these next few weeks, exploring what many of us might feel about our spaces and architecture.


LionHeart reading of 'Routine is Similar To Addiction' at the 'Architecture, poetry and the emotional inhabitancy of space' event at the Building Centre, Dec 2019. © Charles Rare



Routine is Similar to Addiction

A poem by LionHeart, inspired by Richard Robinson from Metropolitan Workshop architecture and urbanism practice


Reclusion is when the brain hides from itself, 

when all we have to turn to 

for answers, is the same unbearable questions 

we wish to evade.  


Natural landscapes can’t evade us, 

they’re our escape. 

We wish to evade  

what we’ve done to them, 

and subsequently 

what that has done to us. 


Reclusion is when the brain hides from itself, 

when it asks the landscape for some kind 

of holiness. By holy, I mean the veneer of faith, 

the sweet spot of relief, in something 

existential we can’t get away from. 


We wish to evade to 

somewhere we’ve had no input in, 

other than existing 


this particular hill, is like 

an emotional reset, 

and then I go back to London 

and feel like I can cope. 


The wind and blue skies just blow everything 

out of your head. Exhale, and reset.’ 


That’s nature, reserving the right to reset us, 

recalibrate and cleanse, the world 

is our MOT test for our mental health,  


if only we could create a map of the brain 

to leave our comfort zones,  


if only that map 

could contribute to buildings, to leave theirs,  


if only routine didn’t comfort 

our fears for change, 


we wouldn’t build to endure 

the test of time, but contribute 

for a limited time only, 


until we wish  

for better. 




LionHeart is a TEDx speaker, award winning poet and international spoken word performer. He is also the author of debut poetry collection 'The Mute's Rebellion', excavating memories of social anxiety, upbringing, emotional vulnerability and more. Thanks to the Arts Council England's DYCP which funded various residencies this year for this research.