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Orange Fiber: silky textiles crafted waste orange peel

27 Aug 2019
By Anna Marks

Orange Fiber is a Catania-based textile company developing sustainable fabric using waste produce left over from the citrus industry. 


Launched in 2011 by Italian design student, Adriana Santonocito, Orange Fiber uses nanotechnological techniques to develop a material derived from waste produce from the orange industry.


The studio’s technique extracts the cellulose from orange rinds and uses chemical reagents to transform the substance into a yarn-like material which is suitable for spinning. 


Orange Fiber can be blended with silk and other natural fibres to develop a diverse range of textiles and it can be coloured and printed (by inkjet printing, for example). The silky material is enriched with citrus fruit essential oil, which nourishes the skin when worn as an item of clothing. 


To learn more about the material, visit Orange Fiber's website