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Nothing Superfluous. A poem by LionHeart

3 Apr 2020

'Some people say when you’re bored, that’s when you’re most creative.

Nothing Superfluous is the second poem the Building Centre has published of the collection LionHeart read at an event inspired by the series of residencies he carried out with architects and designers, as well as the Building Centre.

'Everyone has their own subjective view of what they need to facilitate a sense of wellbeing.' 

For the last two years LionHeart has been exploring architects’ approach to design in order to affect how we feel in spaces. Through a number of residencies, LionHeart has written is a series of poems intended to make built environment professionals and the public reflect on our relationship with our spaces and architecture.


LionHeart reading of 'Nothing Superfluous' at the 'Architecture, poetry and the emotional inhabitancy of space' event at the Building Centre, Dec 2019. © Charles Rare


Nothing Superfluous

A poem by LionHeart, inspired by Abderrahim at PLP Architects


Don’t particularly like 

poetry. It holds too much 

in a line. In a meaning.  

Weirdly, the aesthetics 

of prisons, appeals 

to me. The cell. 

It’s quite interesting 

being void of distractions. 

Enables boredom. 


Some people say 

when you’re bored, that’s 

when you’re most creative.  


In Korea, there are prisons 

which people can book into 

over the weekend. 

It’s like a hotel, you choose 

to hand in all of your– stuff.  


Separated from any socially 

accepted version of yourself, 

and this, is all you need. Nothing 

else matters. The devil’s in the 

details, and there aren’t any here. 


When your encounter with a space 

reminds you of your history 

reminds you of something– 

other than the space itself 

there’s poetry in it. 


I don’t particularly like 

poetry though. It holds 

too much in a line. In a cell. 

My feelings, held 

captive. Null and void, 

of any distractions. 



LionHeart is a TEDx speaker, award winning poet and international spoken word performer. He is also the author of debut poetry collection 'The Mute's Rebellion', excavating memories of social anxiety, upbringing, emotional vulnerability and more. Thanks to the Arts Council England's DYCP which funded various residencies this year for this research. 

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