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New Tyvek® e-Guard W1 provides peace of mind on the exposed cliffs at Mevagissy

9 Nov 2017
Case study

Any high-spec timber build demands the very best in envelope protection, both during construction and once occupied, but particularly in places of great exposure from the elements. When Cornwall Timber Build came to specify a suitable reflective breather membrane for the walls of a new housing development on the rugged Cornish coastline, they found that only new Tyvek® e-Guard W1 ticked all the right boxes.

This means that, in addition to excellent low emissivity values, the project also benefits from superior UV resistance while the membranes are uncovered, plus enhanced airtightness, and crucially, complete confidence in water hold out (at above TRADA recommendations). All these advantages come naturally to Tyvek®, which has demonstrated its reliable performance time and time again, both in rigorous testing and over many years in the field.

New Tyvek® e-Guard W1 for walls occupies a unique position in the market by offering above W1 water hold out. TRADA recommends W1 as a minimum for sites of the level of exposure of this location. Cliff Road in Mevagissy, as the name suggests, is situated on high ground and at the mercy of all the variety and power of the Atlantic weather. Tyvek® e-Guard W1 delivers an impressive 1.7m water column, a near passive standard of airtightness, resistance to four months UV exposure, and all the dependable vapour permeability for which the leading brand is famed. 

In terms of reflective capacity, metallised Tyvek® e-Guard W1 is certified as having a thermal resistance value for all cavi­ties larger than 20mm of 0.75 m2K/W (using the NPL guarded hotbox method) and reflects 95% of heat radiation, providing interior comfort throughout the year. The product has also recently been granted STA AssureGold accreditation

“When the building components for the site were being prepared in the factory,” says Stuart Dewey of Cornwall Timber Build, “we knew that the location was classified as severe exposure. This limited our choice of breather membrane to those with a W1 or better water hold out. Most metallised membranes offer only a W2 (50mm water column) rating but Tyvek® e-Guard W1 is far superior. In fact, its 1.7m water head means that we can use this material all over Cornwall and the rest of the UK, in any type of geography, while meeting and even exceeding industry guidelines.”

There are five 200 square metre plots in the Mevagissy development, offering high quality timber frame homes, with external finishes varying between natural slate and block and render. Eventual occupants can look forward to enjoying not only the beauty of their location, but also comfortable interior conditions and lower energy bills, even if the weather outside is travelling through Cornwall’s traditional extremes.

About DuPont™ Tyvek® & DuPont Building Membranes and Products: DuPont™ Tyvek® advanced building membranes are unique in the market due to their high-quality single layer construction. Tyvek®, in all its specialised versions, is naturally vapour open but also durably wind and water-tight. Lightweight yet robust, it is easy to install and offers long-term, proven reliability. Designed to protect the building envelope against the effects of weather and moisture, this family of membranes also offers optimal air-tightness and can help to improve the thermal performance, energy-efficiency and interior climatic stability. Tyvek® is also designed to work as part of a holistic and optimal system with a range of other proven DuPont products for the building envelope, including the DuPont™ AirGuard® advanced AVCL series, the highly versatile Tyvek® FlexWrap air and water sealing tape, plus other specialised tapes and sealants. All DuPont building products come with the renowned service, expertise and technical back-up of a world-class science company.

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