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New insulation bonding adhesive from 3M offers increased speed and efficiency to roofers

5 Sep 2011
Diversified technology company 3M has launched a new insulation bonding adhesive which offers the construction markets a superior bonding method specifically designed to fix insulation boards to a variety of substrates in both new-build and refurbishment applications.

3M CR-20 Polyurethane Insulation Bonding Adhesive is a low-rise, two-component polyurethane adhesive offering outstanding adhesive properties in addition to controlled gap fill, without the risk of lifting insulation boards. Each of the two components is dispensed from its own pressurised disposable canister, utilising 3M’s two-component trigger-operated disposable foam applicator, making it clean, quick and easy to dispense. The two components are only mixed by the mixing nozzle at the end of the equipment, eliminating curing and blockages in the hose and canisters.

Jane Holliday of 3M Corrosion Protection Products division commented: “This innovative new product makes insulation attachment easy. It is reliable, strong, clean, highly portable, quick and easy to apply, and is ideal for bonding insulation boards to roof decks, eliminating the need for drilling or mechanical fixing. Roofers appreciate how quickly and efficiently a CR-20 roof is installed and, with each kit designed to bond 20m², the changeover rate is minimal.  Also, at a bonding rate of 40m² per hour, it is very fast.

“Additionally, as it is supplied in a self-contained dispensing kit, there are no capital investment or maintenance costs.”

3M CR-20 Polyurethane Insulation Bonding Adhesive is ideal for bonding a wide variety of substrates including structural concrete, 22 gauge steel decking, cementitious wood fibre, plywood and OSB decks, lightweight concrete decks, and poured gypsum decks. It has been approved to be used with an extensive assortment of insulation and cover boards and will adhere insulation board to insulation board where multiple layers are required. The adhesive will not run or drip as it is applied in a bead form directly to the substrate. The insulation board is placed onto the adhesive and a chemical cure takes place several minutes after application, depending on temperature and weather conditions.

3M CR-20 Polyurethane Insulation Bonding Adhesive is available to buy on-line from 3M distributor IDHL – visit or call 0845 600 7220.

For further information on 3M products for the construction market call 0845 602 8083 .