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New build American-Style beach house

11 Apr 2019
Case study

Taking a collaborative approach, we worked with both our client and their architect to design, develop and supply bespoke windows and doors that perfectly complement this unique, nautical, new build project. By fully understanding the needs of the client while accounting for the property’s coastal location, we used our expert knowledge to deliver unrivalled and exceptional products that look good and will stand the test of time.

The property was built in an idyllic location by the coast. Wanting to reflect the natural surroundings, the architect’s design emulated a New England beach house but with a striking, contemporary form. Allowing the style of the property to direct our designs, we crafted elegant heritage casement and spring balanced sliding sash windows in a range of shapes and sizes that perfectly complemented the feel of the property. Bringing additional detailing to the scheme, some of the windows were included with beautiful moulded fascias and cornices.

We believe in creating exceptional products from the best materials and fittings available, to ensure a durable finish that will last for years to come. Locks, door handles and other ironmongery fittings are a perfect example of those unassuming details that we pay diligent attention to. Ironmongery should feel secure, solid and functional whilst still looking visually attractive and in keeping with the style of the house. Taking the coastal conditions into account, we specified marine grade stainless steel ironmongery for this project, as standard ironmongery can tarnish very quickly in salt-laden air.

Two single doors with insulated Tricoya boarded panels and circular windows were fitted to the front elevation of the property, one as a main entrance door and one as a side door that leads in to a functional utility room.

A set of French Doors with sidelights were fitted to the ground floor rear elevation, allowing light to stream into a contemporary dining room. Classic French Doors were also fitted in the two main bedrooms on the first-floor rear elevation, which open onto balconies overlooking the sea views. Most notable are the show stopping arched French Door sets incorporated to the rear elevation on the ground floor, balancing the architecture’s angular shape with clean, curved lines to result in a striking finish.

Looking timeless and elegant is only one element however, our windows and doors accommodate for the client’s needs by adding value to everyday life. This house was designed with disability access in mind, so we ensured that all the doors had a level floor, making them suitable for wheelchair use. We also supplied the open out garage doors, which were then fitted with an automatic function.

All the joinery fitted at this shore side property were applied with three coats of micro porous paint in Pebble, which were sprayed in the factory workshop before being fitted. We use a specially formulated low-gloss paint that lasts up to three times longer than traditional paints and is unlikely to need repainting for at least 10 years.

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