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Moorland slates rise to the challenge

9 Oct 2019
Case study

A recent David Wilson Homes’ development highlights how flexible and accommodating Cembrit fibre cement slates are, as the high-quality Moorland slates have overcome a challenging roofing system to provide a wind-tight and aesthetically pleasing finish.

Located just one mile outside of Abergavenny town centre in the picturesque countryside, Mountain View features 85 properties, ranging from one bedroom apartments to five bedroom houses. With David Wilson Homes having previously used Cembrit Moorland slates, the housebuilder decided to specify this product range once again, and turned to main contractor, Avonside Roofing to install the slates on what was a challenging roof. The roofing design, which featured pitches ranging from 35° to 57°, also consisted of dormer windows, vents, verges, hips, abutments, and valleys.

“Using a combination of single and double fibre cement slates, we were able to provide a high-quality finish that complements the complex roof design,” says Chris Hawkes, Commercial Manager at Avonside Roofing. “We cut the double slates down to a slate and a half at the verges, as well as for the valleys, hips, loft windows, dormers, and abutments. This process provides wind uplift resistance, which helps in creating a long-lasting roof covering.  We also installed Cembrit low profile roof slope vents for adequate ventilation. The Cembrit slates were extremely easy to cut and fix, and we are extremely pleased with the end result.”

Moorland fibre cement slates are manufactured using Portland cement together with a non-asbestos formulation of blended synthetic and cellulose fibres. Each slate is pigmented during production and fully compressed. The edges are dressed and then the slates are finished with a high quality, semi-matt acrylic coloured coating to the top face and edges, and a clear binder to the back face.

Cembrit Moorland Slates are manufactured in accordance to BS EN ISO 9001: 2015 and BS EN 492: 2012 product specification for fibre cement slates and their fittings.

For further information visit, email or tel: 020 3372 2300

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