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Modular Steps, Eltham

Rapid Ramp
18 Feb 2021
Case study


A series of metal steps from the front door to run along the length of the path.

These would replace the existing bricked steps, that were difficult for the user to manage and offered no handrail support.


CAD and technical drawings were designed in-house and based on-site measurements taken.

Access to the front garden was also required. Therefore, we designed a low-level access platform between the two-step sections, with only one side of handrail.


A series of step platforms to create a gradual incline along the path. These were installed with Infill handrails.

A low-level access platform between the two sets of steps was also included with only one side of handrail, to provide a gap to the front garden.


  • Mesh Platform - this self-draining mesh platform allows water to pass through rather than puddle on the surface and potentially freeze.
  • Trombone Ends - these are added to the ends of a Rapid Ramp to prevent clothes catching.
  • Telescopic Legs - these can be adjusted to accommodate threshold heights.
  • Standard Handrail - this handrail system ensures users always have a support to hold onto.
  • Standard Colour Black - ramps are powder-coated black to create a hard finish that is tougher than conventional paint.


  • Infill Handrails on Step Units - this product prevents users from climbing or falling through gaps.

“Regarding the front steps, absolutely wonderful job and what wonderful workers, Rapid Ramp should be very proud of him.

Well happy, thank you very much!”