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Maximise your cycle parking

16 Jan 2017

The popularity of cycling is continuing to grow across the UK and including suitable cycle parking on a site is more important than ever.

For sites with large open spaces, creating ample parking may not be an issue, but what about those where space is at a premium? High density products are ideal for maximising the number of parking spaces available on any site!

Space Saving

Our high density cycle racks use a tried and tested combination of high and low holders to reduce the distance between stands from 500mm to just 305mm. This means there is more room for additional bicycles, increasing from six cycles in a three metre space, to eight; perfect for compact sites!

Instant Parking

Our high density cycle racks are all available flanged for bolting to the ground- once installed they are ready to use immediately.

Take Cover!

All of our standard high density racks are fully compatible with the VELOPA range of Cycle Shelters.


Whether you’re working with a cramped space, or looking to maximise your storage, our wide range of racks means we have something for you.

If you have limited ground space then think up, not out. Our Vertical Cycle Rack has a depth of just 810mm, making it perfect for creating high density storage on small sites and even indoors.

If you are looking for the ultimate in high density cycle parking then the Double Stack Cycle Rack is ideal for you. Featuring two levels of storage, this cycle rack offers allows you to fit twice as many bicycles into an area; perfect for transport hubs.

Tailored Solutions

AUTOPA offers a full end-to-end service, so we can create solutions, tailored to a site’s exact needs. Find out how we used our high density products to create effective cycle parking on a compact site in Central London here.

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