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Legrand Packs User Benefits Into New Time Switch Range

12 Dec 2012

Legrand has launched AlphaRex3 – a range of one and two channel, DIN rail mounting digital time switches that deliver an unrivalled package of user benefits.


Ideal for situations where precise switching accuracy and functionality are crucial, AlphaRex3 stands out from the crowd due to its unbeatable 0.1 second clock precision.


Other key aspects of the range include an astronomical light control function, which enables the switch to respond to natural light conditions and removes the requirement to install an additional light sensor; and an offset function that permits the user to extend the preset sunrise/sunset settings by up to 120 minutes. This latter function makes AlphaRex3 ideal for applications such as illuminated street signage where the client needs to capture high pedestrian footfall during peak commuting times.


All AlphaRex3 products can be programmed either directly on the device or remotely via PC programming software. The software also allows any pre-determined programmes to be transferred to a number of devices using a data key. This feature is of particular benefit to local authorities that may need to programme multiple devices across a wide area quickly and easily. An additional feature allows all switches to be pin code protected, preventing unauthorised alterations or reprogramming.


AlphaRex3 also provides greater flexibility due to the inclusion of additional switching times on all products – a development that can create significant energy savings by interrupting the standard cycle when demand is low, or by preventing the use of specific consumption during peak tariff times, thus ensuring lighting is only provided when required. This function is beneficial across a wide range of applications, particularly in farming environments where additional switching times can be programmed for feeding and milking cycles.


Other benefits of the new range include:

    • Zero crossing switching – increases product and lamp lifecycle by reducing the stress imparted on the relay
    • High torque terminal blocks – for enhanced safety
    • Preset programming in 15 languages – wider range of possible applications
    • Auto Summer / Winter time correction – no manual adjustment required
    • Indefinite storage memory – no need to re-programme following power outages

Caroline Boden, marketing manager for Legrand’s wiring device division, said: “AlphaRex3 takes time switches to a whole new level. Their benefits and widespread appeal mean they offer far more than any of the basic switches currently on the market. And while this may be reflected in the initial product price, the lifetime cost to the user is significantly reduced, which ensures their undoubted value.”