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Kirton Primary School

3 Feb 2017
Case study

Kirton Primary School in Lincolnshire was looking at ways to promote healthy living to its pupils. A key element of this drive was to encourage the pupils to cycle to and from school; they wanted a cycle parking area suitable for the children to use on a daily basis. With 500 pupils and no existing facilities they required a significant upgrade, but it was important that any installation did not reduce the playground area.

Construction firm John Martin-Hoyes Limited was responsible for the development at the school and contacted AUTOPA to help. Having previously worked with us, they were confident that we would have the ideal product for the site.

Our experienced installation team worked with the school and the contractors, conducting a full site survey to get a better understanding of the space and the school’s exact needs. The survey identified that whilst extensive facilities were needed, avoiding the playground meant that suitable locations were at a premium. The best place for the new cycle parking area was alongside the school building; here it could be easily accessed by pupils during school hours, without encroaching on playing spaces.

The dimensions of this location were long and thin; using traditional bocks of shelters to form the parking area was not an option. To create the storage Kirton Primary School wanted in this restricted space a single long shelter was required. The VELOPA Harbledown Cycle Shelter has a small footprint for the coverage it provides and was the ideal selection for the school’s needs.

The Harbledown Cycle Shelter has a modern, open design. Manufactured from galvanised steel, it can easily withstand the knocks that will occur from daily use on a busy school site. Available in standard lengths of three and four metres, optional extension bays allow the Harbledown Cycle Shelter to be extended lengthways to create a long, thin shelter. Kirton Primary School took full advantage of this feature, using six extension bays to create a 21m cycle shelter.

Finally, 28 Sheffield Cycle Stands were installed beneath the shelter. Ideal for creating high density cycle parking, one stand can be used to secure two bicycles at any time. Paired with the Harbledown Cycle Shelter these stands gave Kirton Primary School storage for up to 56 bicycles, creating the large covered area they needed without reducing playing space.

The new cycle parking facilities provided the extensive, yet unimposing cycle storage that Kirton Primary School was looking for. The extended cycle shelter and cycle stands offer the mass storage that is needed on site for the children to use. Positioned next to the school building they are easily accessible at all times, but do not affect the school’s outdoor play space. The new space has helped to increase the number of children cycling to and from school and is used by pupils all year round to safely store their bicycles and scooters during the school day.

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