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Introducing the next generation of heat recovery unit

13 May 2016

Airflow Developments has launched the new Duplexvent DV72 unit – a Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) solution, which achieves over 91% thermal efficiency and features a thermal bypass to help avoid overheating in the summer. SAP-Appendix eligible, this compact and lightweight unit is an ideal solution for small to medium sized domestic installations.

MVHR is crucial to protect homes against Toxic Home Syndrome – by reducing the risk of health issues caused by mould, condensation and other indoor air contaminants. MVHR units take stale air from inside the home and extract energy from it via a heat exchanger to recover heat energy that would typically be lost as part of the ventilation process. This energy is then used to pre-warm clean healthy air that is continually being brought in from outside, which is then filtered and circulated around the home.

The DV72 is the latest addition to the Duplexvent MVHR range. Ideal for residential use, this new model provides exceptional heat recovery efficiency – reaching in excess of 91% in small to medium sized dwellings up to 125 m2. This ensures the ventilation solution is cost efficient with minimal environmental impact.

DV72 units are adaptable to maintain optimum performance to suit the changing climate. The unit’s automatic summer by-pass is activated by an internal sensor at 25ºC. This function limits the heat recovery effect by reducing the volume of warmed fresh air supplied into the dwelling when required.

The compact and lightweight design ensures simple installation. The unit can be mounted vertically on a wall, or in a standard kitchen cupboard – while a ceiling suspended version (DV72CS) is also available.

When it comes to effective control of the unit, the Duplexvent DV72 is supplied with a separately mounted commissioning switch. This provides two, 100% user adjustable speed levels, which can be set on installation. Both fans can be independently adjusted to ensure a balanced system when commissioning.

“The latest addition to our Duplexvent MVHR range provides state-of-the-art ventilation technology for domestic use,” said Krzysztof Kwarciak Category Product Manager at Airflow Developments. “The DV72 provides continual protection from indoor air contamination and its compact design combined with excellent thermal efficiency means it is a high performance and cost-effective solution.”

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