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Home ventilation for all with Airflow Entro range

12 Aug 2016

Airflow Developments has launched the latest addition to its successful Duplexvent MVHR range. The Duplexvent Entro utilises high performance heat recovery technology to provide optimum efficiency and protection against harmful indoor air contaminants. Available in DV250, 300 and 400 models, Airflow’s latest product innovation offers a simple installation method as well as easy to use controls making it an ideal option for domestic properties.

The Entro range consists of side entry supply and extract ventilation units, suitable for use in small, medium and large dwellings up to 220m2. This powerful mechanical ventilation with heat recovery (MVHR) solution operates with minimal noise whilst achieving over 90% efficiency – with air capacity of up to 385m3/hr at 100 Pa.

The Entro range has been independently tested to comply with SAP Appendix Q criteria enabling inclusion in an architect’s SAP calculations for the specification of a high performance ventilation with heat recovery solution.

Each Entro unit contains a plastic heat exchanger, to transfer warmth from the outgoing waste airstream into the incoming fresh air – whilst ensuring that the incoming and outgoing airstreams do not mix at any point in the exchange. Crucially, all Entro units are also fitted with an automatic, 100% summer bypass function, to isolate the heat exchanger – ensuring no warm air is passed back into the dwelling, to provide effective cooling in the summer season.

Installing and configuring Duplexvent Entro units is both simple and flexible. Each unit is compact (280mm height) and lightweight, ensuring that a unit can be easily installed by one person upright on floors and walls as well as flat for floor and ceiling installations (with inclination for drainage).

The Entro range is available with a choice of two control panels. The basic control panel is a manual switch which is available as standard. This control allows the user to adjust the speeds of the fans, as well as enable or disable the unit’s heaters – in addition to automatic functions including the air flow boost and frost protection.

Customers also have the option to upgrade to a touch screen panel for added functionality including weekly programming and maintenance reminders as well as indoor temperature display and controls via the easy-to-use, touch screen interface.

Rob Dennis, Product Marketing Executive at Airflow Developments said: “We are delighted to introduce the Duplexvent Entro range to the market to provide powerful, efficient, affordable ventilation for domestic properties. The performance benefits, practical approach to installation and easy to use controls mean this is an ideal ventilation solution to protect homes against harmful indoor air contaminants all year round.”