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Happy Birthday to the VELOPA Illuminated Sheffield Cycle Stand

12 Sep 2016

One year ago AUTOPA Limited launched the UK’s first ever Illuminated Sheffield Stand. Featuring a powerful, yet energy-efficient, 1.2 watt LED, the VELOPA Illuminated Sheffield Cycle Stand is designed to solve a common cycling problem; how to unlock your bicycle in the dark.

Directional lighting

Scrabbling around underneath a cycle stand in a desperate attempt to either fasten or undo your bike lock is a common problem for cyclists. This frustration is exacerbated by overhead shelter lighting which forces cyclists to position themselves between the light and the cycle stand, further impeding their view.

The Illuminated Sheffield Cycle Stand puts an end to this struggle, directing light exactly where it is needed. The small, yet powerful LED is available in two colour temperatures as standard, a warm white light with a 3000K temperature rating and a bright white light with a temperature rating of 5700K. Red, Amber and Blue/Green lights are also available for areas where a white light is not suitable, please ask for more information.

Energy efficient

Each Illuminated Sheffield Cycle Stand is fitted with an energy efficient 1.2 watt LED with a 100,000-hour lifespan (that’s over 11 years). Mains electricity and solar power compatible, the little LED encased in each stand costs as little as £2 per year to run, making it a cost and energy efficient lighting solution.

Scalable security

Illuminated Sheffield Cycle Stands are suitable for use on all commercial and industrial sites; the design mirrors that of our ever-popular Sheffield Cycle Stand and will comfortably support two bicycles at once. A firm favourite of specifiers and cyclists alike, the shape of the stand allows bicycle owners to securely fix the wheel and frame of their vehicle to the stand simultaneously, using their own lock.

The number of stands that can be installed on-site is only limited by the size of the area you are installing in. The Illuminated Sheffield Cycle Stand offers site owners and landlords a fully scalable parking option and multiple stands can be installed to create a secure cycle storage are that meets your site’s exact requirements.

Visit the product page for more information.

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