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GEZE Guards Precious Artefacts with a Revolver

19 Apr 2011
The priceless displays at No.1 Smithery in the Historic Dockyard Chatham, needed to be protected from the elements – and from theft. GEZE UK's manual revolving door solved both problems, while still enabling safe access and egress for the public.
BR> Once the site of the dockyard’s forge, where anchors were fashioned for naval ships, the old brick building has been transformed into a remarkable museum. Architects Van Heyningen and Haward approached the UK’s leading manufacturer of door and window control systems, GEZE UK, to provide a stylish three leaf manual TSA 325 revolver to form a striking entrance.

In order to preserve the historic artefacts housed inside No.1 Smithery, it was imperative that temperature and humidity changes caused by opening and closing doors were minimised. The TSA 325 revolver offered the ideal solution to maintain the building’s delicate environment by reducing heat loss and gain as well as eliminating sudden draughts. A UV protective film was also installed on the glass surfaces to protect the interior from sunlight.

Aesthetically, the ‘traditional’ look of the TSA 325 enhances the historical atmosphere of the museum, but in practice it also reduces the speed with which people are able to exit the building, reducing the likelihood of theft. To further improve the security provided by the revolving doors, GEZE also installed a roller shutter. In order to meet the requirements of Building Regulations and legislation two further doors, one on each side, were required.

Helping to meet the demands of the Equality Act, GEZE’s industry leading 7cm Slimdrive EMD-F automatic swing operator was fitted to one door to allow easy access. The sleek design of the EMD-F operator allows it be concealed in any façade, making it the ideal system for the museum’s prestigious refurbishment. The second door was manual, and to address life safety concerns, it was fitted with a panic bar to provide quick and easy outside access in an emergency.

The Historic Dockyard Chatham’s PR & Communications Executive Gail James commented: “We’re always weighing up the opposing demands of promoting public access while protecting our artefacts and the revolving door was a brilliantly simple solution which also looked the part.”

GEZE UK’s contracts and service director Paul Ryan added: “We enjoyed working with Van Heyningen and Haward, as we shared their vision to provide an aesthetic solution to two very practical objectives. The TSA 325 fulfilled the specific requirements of this project, and the three doors will work in a complementary way to best meet the needs of those using the entrance.”
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