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Future-proofing commercial interiors with Albed

24 Oct 2016

Albed’s ALL WAYS redefines how office space is divided. Cool glass and aluminium meet in contemporary Italian design. These timeless, elegant and sustainable materials are specifically chosen to make sure light travels freely through spaces, even if they’re divided. 

No Interruptions
Moving away from traditional plasterboard, Albed’s fixed glass panels and swing and sliding openings present a perfect marriage of versatility, functionality and elegance for a commercial space. Floor-to-ceiling hinged doors can be installed as to not interrupt the continuity of the wall, and Albed’s partition design focuses on the passage of light from one space to another, making sure light radiates throughout the space, as if no door or wall disrupted its journey.

Futuristic Corner System
Create corners with Albed’s innovative below ceiling or flush-with-ceiling rail system, and use three- or four-way ‘intersections’ to allow for full integration or a series of areas that can be opened up or closed off for meeting rooms, offices and operational areas. Use glass corners to continue sleek, clean lines throughout the partition, or open the corners to maximise the available space. 

An Architectural Element
Not simply a multi-functional, future-proofing door and wall system, ALL WAYS’s stylish lines meet to create an architectural element in an office space. Interchange both glass and wood panels; give the impression of a continuing, elegant architectural glass structure within an office. Additional display units can be added to the ‘inside’ of the partition panel. Tempered safety glass covers all doors and panels to K30 standard, while the glass panels and doors can be framed in brushed aluminium, black and bronze to match the surroundings. 

Consider Tomorrow
An office space reflects a business’s operations and practices. ALL WAYS provides on-demand flexibility; regardless of a fluctuating team size and the necessity for open or divided space, your interior office is always adaptable to the latest challenges or requirements of modern needs. All is possible with ALL WAYS.


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