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Fly ash cement lowers concrete’s embodied carbon

4 Jul 2019

Aggregate Industries have developed a new fly ash cement blend called  Lafarge Endure SR which makes concrete increasingly resilient. Dedicated to sustainable innovation in the cement industry, Aggregate industries’ material is designed for longevity and results in lower embodied CO2. “As its name suggests, Lafarge Endure SR is designed to dramatically increase the longevity of the concrete it forms a part of,” says Steve Curley, Commercial Director at Aggregate Industries. “It is a great solution for contractors that want to reduce the environmental impact of their build while simultaneously improving its life span.”

Fly ash is a byproduct material from the combustion of coal. Fly ash products such as Lafarge Endure SR are far more sustainable than cement as they use less cement and recycle the polluting byproduct. Fly ash particles are spherical in form, which allows them to flow freely into concrete mixtures and improves the workability of the concrete. When added to concrete, fly ash increasingly hardens the material, creating a high performance substance for durable and sustainable buildings. 

Lafarge Endure SR is suitable for all ground types, and when compared to other CEM blends, is not impacted by sulfates within the ground. Due to its sulfate resistance, this will allow suppliers and contractors to develop a wider variety of projects including those might have been hindered by ground type. “In addition to its lower embodied CO2, Lafarge Endure SR uses 10% less water than CEM I to reach workable consistency and offers improve pumpability and mixing efficiency,” says Curley. “Each of these benefits adds up to a cement that is truly forward-thinking.”

Once hardened, Lafarge Endure SR can be used to DC-4 durability standard and can help increase the life of the structure due to its resistance to carbonation and chloride and sulphate attack. This makes the material ideal for a range of long term applications, including producing ready-mixed and precast concrete, to marine, grouting and tunnelling applications. 

Aggregate Industries’ development of a sustainable and long lasting ‘green’ cement is a step forward in developing resilient and long lasting instructure which increases building’s longevity and uses industrial material byproducts which would otherwise be harmful in the environment. 

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