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Fire doors with architectural significance

Bluebell Architectural & Design Products
10 Oct 2017

Safety is hard to plan for, especially when it comes to accidents like fires. You can never assume you know when one is coming – so building regulations reflect the need to minimise potential fire spread and damage at all times. To know that you can rely on a door to stop the spread of fire not only gives you peace of mind, but is vital for residential and commercial buildings. 

Bluebell’s range of Oikos fire doorsets are created with two prominent goals: ultimate fire safety, and architectural beauty. This collection of doorsets are rated from 30 up to 120 minutes by German certification body Ift Rosenheim.

Their protection against the dangerous spread of fire is not just vital for the occupants of that space, but protects other parts of the building, saving on redevelopment and refurbishing costs, and loss of possessions or data.

Balancing safety and style

Bluebell supply four fire doors offering a minimalist and refined aesthetic – with the latest in architectural fire protection engineering: Tekno, Project, Evolution, and Synua. To be both architecturally significant and safe in the case of fire, the doors must be designed to work in conjunction with the supporting structure.

They hang from the frame on either pivot, visible, or concealed hinges, with each door designed with drop-down thresholds and smoke seals that eliminate smoke inlet. They’re lined with intumescent strips which lie dormant during everyday use but rapidly expand when exposed to extreme heat, completely sealing the gap between the door and frame in the event of a fire. This stops any chance of smoke or heat coming through the door. Every element of the door itself has been carefully considered in order to provide the best possible fire protection.

Designers, specifiers and architects want interior furnishings that will both protect the space and add visual value. Bluebell’s range of Oikos fire doorsets does just that, offering contemporary and compelling aesthetics with industry-rated fireproofing.

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