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Design freedom hits the roof

31 May 2005
ACO’s FreeDeck gives total flat roof drainage flexibility.

Drainage specialist ACO Fulbora has launched FreeDeck, a new linear deck system specifically developed to optimise rain and surface water drainage from flat roofs, terraces, roof gardens and other above ground applications. Its unique design, which has slotted sidewalls along each channel length, allows water that penetrates any surrounding slabs, gravel or block paviours to enter the channel and be tracked through concealed ducts to any existing roof outlets.

The channels, which are 130mm wide and available in 500mm, 1m and 2m lengths, are manufactured from BS EN ISO 1461 hot-dipped galvanised steel and can be supplied with either slotted, mesh or heelguard gratings that are rated for FACTA Load Class A pedestrian use. Having invert levels of between 75-105mm, the system can easily manage the drainage demands of any sized installation and readily accommodate all standard depth blocks and slabs.

“Flat roofs and balconies need to be flexible spaces where changes to the structure or layout can be made with the minimum of disruption. As FreeDeck simply sits on top of the waterproof membrane, it can easily be installed, removed and altered to suit any design,” says Martin Fairley, Division Manager at ACO Fulbora.

Channel assembly is straightforward as each section if fitted with plate and socket connectors at both ends – slotted end caps are provided to prevent dirt ingress at a run ends. Once the channel is in place, the gratings sit within the channel and secured in place with a 90 degree turn-to-lock system.

The FreeDeck Gully and FreeDeck Tunnel Channel allow inlet-level installed channel runs to be interconnected and tied into the existing roof outlets. Both are manufactured from the same galvanised steel and both have the same slotted side walls to allow percolated water entry. The 250mm square gully unit is fitted with a mesh grating and allows direct access to rainwater outlets. The tunnels are enclosed 30mm high channels that sit beneath the exposed slab or blockwork, invisibly linking the main channels and gullies.

“With such installation versatility, FreeDeck can be used in virtually any location where space is restricted or for very short runs,” says Martin Fairley. “Perimeter drainage can be fitted tight to parapet walls and key areas such as entrances and stairways can be easily protected.”

Further information on FreeDeck is available in ACO Fulbora’s latest Rainwater Engineering product catalogue and design guide. For a copy, call ACO on 01462 816666 or email A full system overview is also available at
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