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Contemporary factory style glazing with ultra slim frame

4 Jul 2019

In any office environment areas of privacy without being totally closed off are a must, there is a determination of designers to bring more light into a building, a given that a lack of light at work is becoming a mental health issue, light impacts human health and performance of tasks controlling the body’s daily system affecting mood and perception. Higher levels of light are linked with better performance of complex tasks, reduces depression, and generally makes for happier workers.

Sometimes however, privacy is required ALBED new partition system addresses the balance of light and privacy, within their ultra slim anodised frame sits lightly textured reeded glass, the small ridges within the glass allow light into the internal rooms whilst obscuring the view without compromising the light transmission.

The use of slender aluminium profile system within the fixed panels of CELINE model by Albed’s, has the flexibility of incorporating either full height swing or full height sliding doors.

Custom made sizes, variations of colours for anodised or lacquered RAL, together with a variety of glass options from extra clear, reflective, etched and metal mesh. CELINE a modern twist on factory style glazing.

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