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Conscientious cycle parking

19 May 2016

The Transport Cycle Stands are ideal for busy city use, but they need to be installed and positioned correctly to be a truly successful cycle storage option. 


The location is key to ensuring that the finished parking area is safe for all. Cycle stands should always be installed away from the general line of travel and where possible, be in line with other street furniture items. Placing them closer to the property line and away from kerbs will also help maintain accessibility.  
From a practical perspective, AUTOPA recommends that cycle stands are installed no less than 800mm apart and at least 400mm away from any obstruction. These distances will allow cyclists to park and remove their bicycle with ease.

Tapping Rails

Tapping rails help prevent visually impaired pedestrians that use a long cane from colliding with the stand. Tapping rails are integrated as standard into the Birmingham and Transport Cycle Stands. They can be added as required onto the Manchester, London, and ‘M’ Stands.
When installing stands in a perpendicular row, tapping rails should be added to the stands at the ends of the row. If the stands are installed at 45⁰ or parallel to the kerb or building, all the stands in the row will require a tapping rail.


As they sit below eye height, cycle stands could, if not installed properly, become a trip hazard. This risk is significantly reduced if they are installed in the right place (see point one), and the addition of high visibility tape will reduce it further.
The London, Manchester, and ‘M’ stands are all supplied with high visibility banding as standard, and it can easily be added to the Birmingham and Transport stands as needed. As standard, yellow bands are used on all galvanised stands while black banding is added to all stainless steel stands. We supply high visibility banding in yellow, blue, red, orange, white and black; highways standard reflective banding is also available if required. 

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