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Concealed closers are an ‘open and shut’ case with GEZE UK!

27 Jan 2015

“When it comes to good design, sometimes what you can’t see is as important as what you can” that’s the message from leading door and window control system specialist GEZE UK.

In recent months, the company has seen a growing trend for the specification of concealed closers in order to maintain the aesthetics of design while ensuring compliance with all relevant legislation.

GEZE’s range of concealed door closers, the Boxer, comes in a number of versions and is installed within the door leaf leaving only the guide rail visible when the door is open.

The Boxer 3-6 accommodates doors up to 180kg in weight with a maximum leaf width of up to 1400mm in a single action configuration, whilst the lighter duty Boxer 2-4 offers single and double action functionality. In a single action configuration it will accommodate doors up to 130kg in weight and a maximum leaf width of up to 1100mm. When used in a double action configuration the Boxer 2-4 will accommodate doors up to 80kg in weight and a maximum leaf width of up to 1000mm. The closing speed, closing force, hydraulic latching action and hydraulic backcheck can all be easily adjusted once the closer is installed.  An electro free swing mechanism is available on the single action versions.

Alternatively, the Invers range of cam action door closers are fitted within the door transom and are ideal where an anti-ligature product is required.  The spindle connects neatly to the top of the door, replacing guide rails.

GEZE’s range of concealed closers includes products suitable for use with fire safety doors, in areas where anti-ligature fixtures are a priority and are ideal to help with accessibility. They are CE Marked, Certifire Approved (CF 259) and have a DOP.

Andy Howland, sales director of GEZE UK said: “With our range of concealed door closers we have worked hard to balance the need for aesthetics with functionality, performance, and compliance. As a result, these products are becoming increasingly popular and are specified for a variety of different building environments from hospitals, schools and care homes to hotels, showrooms and airports.”

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