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Clean sweep for Andrews at ANNIE's LAUNDRETTE

15 Apr 2019
Case study

​Andrews Water Heaters has supplied a Standard Range 63/62 storage water heater to a busy laundrette in Bangor, after the previous Andrews’ water heater installed there earned a 15-year spotless record for reliability.


Annie’s Laundrette requires a large volume of hot water to supply its commercial washing machines and for hand washing.  As a critical part of the business operation, when the existing water heater at the laundrette reached the end of its working life, installing a replacement quickly was essential.

Dave Johnson from Anglesey Heating & Plumbing, which completed the installation, said: “The owner at Annie’s Laundrette wanted to replace like for like as he had been so impressed with the performance and reliability of his previous Andrews Water Heater equipment. 


“As the supply of hot water was essential to the business function, we went in early on a Saturday morning, and replaced the water heater in time for the shop to open to customers at lunchtime. For us, the installation was very simple as the pipe and flue work was compatible, and the new and old units had the same dimensions, so it was just a case of taking out an older model and replacing it with a more efficient version.

“We hope the laundrette will be as happy with their new water heater as they were with their last.  I’m sure it will give them another 15 years of reliable service and significant savings on their energy bills too.”


Andrews Water Heater’s tried and tested Standard Range portfolio of water heaters comes in a range of sizes from 12kW to 26kW, making them suitable for large domestic, commercial and industrial applications alike.  With a storage capacity of 286 litres, the 63/62 model installed at the laundrette meets the need for fast recovery hot water rates, and is capable of maintaining a water temperature of above 60ºC to reduce the risk of legionella bacteria forming.  The compact dimensions of the cylinder also make it perfect for businesses like the laundrette where available space is limited.


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